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TPI Evaluation Screen

Identify your body limits with a golf fitness screen

TPI Golf Fitness Screen 

The TPI screen looks at your human movements to identify restrictions that might be affecting your golf swing in a negative way.

It looks at flexibility, strengths, weaknesses and restriction when preforming your golf swing.

Once you find your body limitations, you can correct them with targeted exercise to help to improve your golf game.  It could lead to hitting your ball farther, avoiding injury and/or increasing your stamina to finish 18 holes strong.

Exercises to improve your deficits after a TPI screen

The Pelvic Tilt Test

Standing pelvic tilt

Help improve lower body power during golf swing.

While in a standing position, arch your low back and then flatten it repeatedly. Your pelvis should tilt forward and back during the movement. Move through a comfortable range of motion.  Try to keep your upper body still.  You can hold your golf club in front for support in 5 iron posture.

The Pelvic Rotation Test

Rotate(twist) your pelvis right/left.

Do not move your upper body.

Golf posture hip rotation

Get in 5 iron golf posture and move hips right and left(twist). Do NOT move your upper body. Image your hips spinning r/l in barrel.

Hold onto the stick in front of you for support to stabilize your upper body if you can not keep your upper body still.

Torso Rotation Test

Thoracic Rotation

Place club across chest with arms crossed. Assume the golf posture and rotate just your upper body right/left.  Try not to move your lower body to much.  

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