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John Rahm and his FITNESS trainer, "Spencer Tatum" doing a pre-round golf warm up routine.

Great golfers add fitness to their golf program

Golfer's fitness trainers
Billy Horschel = Jeff Fronk
John Rahm = Spencer Tatum
Lexi Thompson = Kolby Tullier
Jessica Korda = Kolby Tullier

Work on trunk rotation to get a bigger backswing and hit the ball farther.
Stretching your low back helps your golf swing.

Golf Fitness to play your golf game at a higher level up to the 18th hole.
TPI evaluation tool used to find your body imbalances so you can correct them and play better.

TPI screen

Pickleball and Tennis Fitness screens available

Hit your golf ball farther.

Improve your Golf Posture and Stability so that you can gain more distance, speed and accuracy on the golf course.  

Golf Fitness can help lower your handicap.

Hit the Golf ball farther



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Pickleball and Tennis are great sports to cross train with your golf game.
Both sports require bending, trunk rotation, hip, knee, ankle and core strength.

Pickleball is a great way to cross train for golf.  It uses the same rotation movements and good for balane.

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